One Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body will Warn You - Here are The 6 Signs

A heart attack is a serious health problem nowadays. It occurs when a clot in the coronary artery blocks the supply of blood and oxygen to the heart. It can cause an irregular heartbeat that if not treated within a few hours it will result to the affected heart muscle to die.

If you notice that you have a heart problem you have to be careful and aware of the symptoms of heart attack to avoid it. Symptoms are usually occurred up to six months before heart attack turns out. A heart attack is one of the most common causes of death in the United States.

To maintain your good heart health and avoid heart diseases that may lead in heart attack you should have proper healthy diet and regular exercise. Eating healthy foods especially foods that rich in omega-3 fatty acids and avoid foods that are rich in cholesterol may improve your heart condition. Taking supplements that rich in iron and omega-3 will also help you to protect your heart in another ailment that can cause heart problems

We will show you some of the major symptoms of heart attack. If you experience those symptoms you have to consult with your cardiologist for immediate treatment.

Six Major Symptoms of Heart Attack:

1. Severe Fatigue

Usually, we experience fatigue when we involve in some physical activities or go through a long tiring day. But if you often experience severe fatigue it might be a heart attack symptom. You have to see your doctor to monitor your heart condition. Severe fatigue is an early sign of heart attack.

2. Shortness of Breathe

If you have heart problems your heart can't absorb enough oxygen that may result in shortness of breath. If you find it hard to breathe you need an immediate appointment to your doctor to avoid a heart attack.

3. High Level of Anxiety

When nervous and uneasiness you feel become severe you may experience an increase of anxiety. It is another symptom of heart attack that needs medical attention

4. Sleeping Problems

The problem in sleeping is other symptoms of heart attack. If you notice that there is a change to your sleeping habit like often wake when sleeping, always feel urinate and need to use the bathroom during the night or feeling thirsty during the night and you don't have any idea of those sleep disturbances you have to consult your doctor.

5. Feeling Weak or Heavy Arms

If you have heart problems your nerve is also affected. The lack of oxygen in your heart can give impulses to the nerve that connected to your heart, arms and spine that may result in pain. If you feel lack of sensation in your arm you may be experiencing a heart attack. See your doctor immediately before it happens.

6. Indigestion
Aside from severe fatigue, indigestion is also one of the early symptoms of heart attack. If you experience frequent growling of the stomach and improper bowel movement consult your doctor to prevent any kind of health problems especially heart attack.

Being aware of those symptoms will help you avoid the high risk of heart attack. Keeping your body healthy can prevent any kinds of diseases. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

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