Watch: Canadian Woman travels to the Philippines and Finds Her Pinoy Soul Mate

Many people say that is love is all around, that it is not in the matter of age or looks, but it is felt in the heart. In short, the world won’t be as lively as it is right now without love, because love is actually all around and it is universally felt by everybody.

Now with all that said, a video posted by the Facebook page BF/GF an outstanding and inspiring love story between a guy and a girl he only knew from social media.
It was said that their so called love story began with a single friend request on Facebook way back 2009. This love story probably be one of the best you’ll ever see in your entire life, for the couple who are involved 8217 miles from each other.
The lovely couple finally met in person 2 years after their encounter on social media. The girl flew all the way from Canada just to meet up with her lover in General Santos City International Airport way back January 5, 2012 and upon arriving, you can see the pair embrace as they finally met after all those years just talking on Facebook.
During the girl’s time in the Philippines, she and her Filipino boyfriend had a blast as the couple can’t seem get enough each other, basing on the photos of them being together.

Unfortunately, their happy times were cut short, because the girl has to go back to Canada and they were back to long distance relationship.
However, after waiting for almost a year and a half, the couple once again met, this time at NAIA Terminal 2. You can see the pair act like they really miss each other after being away for so long and we are sure that even you will do exactly the same thing if you are on their position.

Now, after years of being together, the lovely couple finally decided to tie the knot and got married on August 10, 2013.


This only proves that love can really find its way inside someone’s heart, regardless of distance and all the problems someone may encounter.
See the couple’s inspiring love story in the video below.

source: facebook