"Sabi nya tutulungan nya ako pero may kapalit" -- Consistent Honor Student sold herself for 240 pesos to pay her tuition

In today’s society, there are a lot of things that is OK to do, but not that really acceptable years ago, one example of this thing is coming out as gay. Before it was considered as an abomination to be a homosexual, but in today’s modern world it is slowly getting accepted by many and call themselves the LGBT community.

Another example and possibly the most big deal of them all is a woman’s virginity. Today, it seems like a guy taking a girl’s virginity can give them bragging rights and there are people out there who are quick to judge without knowing the whole story.

Having said that, a video posted by Facebook page Yes The Best Manila, features a story about a girl named Kat and on how she sold her virginity for a cheap price of only ₱240.


According to her story, she was once an honor student on her school, but that all changed when she became a 3rd year high school student where she began being lazy attending school because her friends are no longer her classmates. Due to this, she began cutting classes resulting her grades to decrease and almost didn’t take her final exam because of financial shortage.

One day, she claimed that she had a guy textmate and she shared her problem towards him. Luckily for Kat, her textmate was open lend a helping hand, but there was a catch.
See her full story here.

source: facebook