It’s about common knowledge that the Earth is made up with 75% and it is the largest of its surface. This means that there are some bodies of water that is full of beautiful sea creatures just swimming around the ocean, creatures like dolphins and whales are two of the most familiar and recognizable to many.

Without our knowledge, there are a lot of sea creatures we might not know about, but are existing and even adds more beauty to the ocean.
Have you ever imagined sitting on a boat, sailing across the ocean and seeing something incredibly rare ocean photos as you sail by? These fascinating migration of the Golden Ray were featured by YouTube channel Did You Know? and it was really easy on the e
At first look, these floating things look like trash

But if you look closely, you will see that it is a group of Golden Rays gathered together

It is said that these creatures only migrate to warmer waters twice a year

Each ray is believed to be 6 feet long in size

What’s more fascinating is seeing the ocean appear golden as 10 thousand of them traveling together

Despite of their fascinating appearance, ray has stingers to fight off its attackers and it is extremely poisonous. However, it is only when they feel concern that’s the time that they use this as a defense mechanism.
Who could ever thought that such beauty exists in the, right?
                                                             source: canyouactually