"MR. RIGHT" She Lose her boyfriend when she got Pregnant, Didn't Expect That the man she just met in social media will do this

These days, more and more women are using social media to raise awareness, to share their experiences and to warn everyone out there, but this woman in this story, she proudly shared her story with her new boyfriend on social media.

After her partner left her, Nicole wrote a post about how her current boyfriend who accepted her baby and treated it like his own blood.

"A few months ago, whe i was still pregnant with my baby, I was very depressed and didn't like to socialise much with others. However, when i met my current boyfriend, we slowly became friends even though he knew I was pregnant and he bolstered my confidence with his care and concern."

"One day, he decided that even though I was pregnant with another man's baby, he was in-love with me and wanted to take care of the both of us. He bought a bouquet of flowers and confessed his feelings for me but I did not accept him at that time because I was not ready."

After that, her current boyfriend continued to shower her and her unborn baby with his love and care until he finally managed to break down her walls and she accpted him.

Although he accepted the baby as his child, she was worried that he would mind. She asked him, "Are you sure you would'nt mind taking care of a baby that is not biologically yours?"


He looked at her seriously and answered, "The baby may not have my DNA but she is still a human being and you have carried her all these months. Since I have already decided to be with you, I will also love and treat her like she's my own child."


Her cared for nicole throughout her pregnancy and quickly brushed up on some pregnancy knowledge to be able minister all her wants and needs. In fact, when other people asked him about it, he even freely admitted that the baby was his. 


On the day of her baby's birth, he was just as excited and nervous as her, as her quickly closed his shop to rush them to hospital.

She said,"I was so touched by his actions and all the sacrifices he has made for me and my baby. Now that both of us have been discharged from the hospital, he still shows us with his love and affection."


She ends her post by sweetly thanking him for his love and said that she appreciates everthing he did for them.

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source: facebook