BAGONG ATM DEBIT CARDS HINDI SAFE? Paano Napangshopping ng iba ang card niya!

Another case of "card skimming" has surfaced on social media.

This time, a client of BDO has voiced his self out on the internet as he shared his own personal experience on the said modus.

Read his story on how these people took his card information and use it on their transactions:

My name is Mr. Dan Canillas and I am writing this letter to seek your help about an issue I am having with my BDO Savings Debit Card. I have already coordinated with my bank and the police department but it seems that I am not getting any concrete resolution to my problem.
Last August 4, 2017, I had fraudulent/unauthorized transactions on my BDO Savings Debit Card amounting to an accumulated amount of over Php 48,000.00. These transactions were all made via POS machines/systems used in SM Aura (Department Store, Watsons, Supermarket), Starbucks Coffee Shops, Titan Shoe Store, etc. All this happened while my card is with me ---- it was never lost and has always been in my possession. I am very careful with these things and make sure I only use my card to secured atm machines. My last withdrawal prior the incident was through bdo bank branch’s atm machine (July 24, 2017).
I used to have the old atm card until it was upgraded to the chip-based technology. I heard in the news that the atm card migration to the chip-based technology will make our cards more secured but this may not be the case. Before, I had to input my 6-digit PIN in POS machines whenever I purchase a product using my debit card. But since my debit card’s upgrade to the chip-based one, merchants are no longer requiring PIN codes and they just process the purchases easily by inserting the card to the POS machine. Most merchants don’t even request for valid ID’s before processing payments which I don’t think is right.
Because I wanted to get answers about what really happened, I decided to have this issue reported to the police, to BDO (via contact center), to my bank branch, and also to the merchants where my card was used (SM Aura (Department Store, Watsons, Supermarket), Starbucks Coffee Shops, Titan Shoe Store). I managed to get the copies of receipts from where my “card number or card information” was used and I have verified that the names reflecting on the receipts were under different name/s, not mine. I even managed to get a CCTV footage screenshot of the person who used my card in two different merchants.

The picture showed the same person. Apparently, whoever she is who used my card information managed to copy them to another card or several other cards (I don’t know how many), and used them in POS machines without difficulty. This happened despite my upgrade to the new chip-based atm card which is supposed to be more secured than the one before.
BDO informed me that the investigation could take 45 to 60 banking days. So that’s about 3 to 4 months of waiting just to get my money back and of waiting whether they will do legal actions to capture whoever it was who stole money from my account. I am not only after the refund. I am also after stopping these incidents from happening, putting those behind this to jail and saving other people from this awful experience.

I don’t think it is fair that I have to wait this long when I can already prove to the bank that the amount was clearly stolen from my account. I know there are processes and procedures to be taken but 45 to 60 banking days is just too much. I managed to get all the information I needed to investigate what happened, yet there’s still no feedback from BDO about where their investigation has lead them considering that they are more capable than I am.
I think the BSP has to investigate this further as well to see how this card skimming/shimming (I don’t know if this is the right term to use), can still happen despite the upgrade of the atm cards to the new chip-based technology. I believe that PIN codes must always be used at all times whether through atm withdrawals, POS machine purchases, etc. because it is more secured that way. I think that new guidelines for the banks and merchants must be rolled-out regarding the chip-based atm cards to make transactions more secured.
I've made hundreds of calls, sent several emails, spent time and money to investigate this issue myself because no one seems to be interested in resolving it. It's almost 3 weeks now since the incident happened and BDO has ZERO update despite all the evidences I have. They don't even seem to care, maybe because it's not their money and it would be beneficial for them to prolong the investigation to what, 12 months maybe?
I do hope that someone will reach out to me about this matter. I believe that this new modus maybe operated by a large syndicate and a lot of people could fall victim if not stopped immediately.
Below is the CCTV footage/screenshot of the person who used my card information in two different merchants at SM Aura. If you know or recognize this person, please report it to me or the authorities immediately.

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