We are sure that almost everybody likes it big in everything, as the saying goes: “the bigger, the better.” The same goes when buying or building a house, many owners like it big and wide so that many people can get inside, but there are some who also likes their home being tiny and just the right size.

However, you might want to change your mind once you see a house designed by Mizuishi Architects Atelier somewhere in Japan.

The house was designed differently and it is not like other houses you’ve seen before. The 594-square-foot house is based on a triangular site between a river and a road. At first glance, it may appear small and don’t have too much space inside, but you’d be surprise once you get in.

WOW! Who could ever thought that such a huge space is available from the inside?

The designer appears to have done a great job, making the inside of this house so jaw-dropping with an awesome bedroom

This appears to be a kids playroom and it sure looks spacious for kids to play on.

He even made the bathroom look stunning. Now that’s amazing!

Who would want to go outside if you’re living in a house like this?

This is another that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover or in this case, the size of the house by simply looking at the outside. The architect is such a genius creating this masterpiece and after witnessing this outstanding work, many people might want to copy its design.

SOURCE: BoredPanda