"I'm glad na I resigned from show business and then I went back to school - Paula Peralejo's Inspiring Story

Former actress Paula Peralejo, who is best known for her role in the youth-oriented series "Tabing Ilog," is now busy running a travel agency with her husband, Charlie Fernandez.

A sister to actress-host Rica, the younger Peralejo started her showbiz career in 1992 as one of the cast members of the kiddie gag show "Ang TV."

She went on to star in a number of ABS-CBN series, including "Gimik," before taking on her most recognizable role as Anne in "Tabing Ilog," which ran for four years until 2003.

However, in 2005, Peralejo decided to take a break from acting to focus on her studies.
She graduated magna cum laude in 2008 from University of the Philippines in Diliman with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and a minor in tourism.
Her studies in tourism, Peralejo said, are of good use as she opened in November last year her travel agency with Fernandez.
Speaking on ABS-CBN's "My Puhunan," the 29-year-old Peralejo said the four-month-old business, the online-based "Our Restless Feet Travel And Tours," is a natural fit for her and her husband as they are passionate about traveling.

They have so far visited 73 out of the 81 provinces in the Philippines, and traveled to 22 countries in the years they have been together.
"Actually, when we started the business, we were thinking, 'Naku, uso pa ba 'yung travel agency?' I was proven wrong," Peralejo said. "Actually, a lot of people, as long as your price point is good, [they do business with you]."

Our Restless Feet, which the couple put up with a P100,000 capital, is run solely by Peralejo and Fernandez and offers to arrange details of a customer's travel, including flights, tour packages, itinerary, accommodations or cruises, and insurance.

"Up to now, we're still in the learning process. Hindi ko forte ang mag-plan for groups, because I also don't travel with groups. Usually, I like traveling alone, or kasama siya, or small group. So for me, biglang challenge 'yun pag may bata. Iba pala 'yung presyo ng bata. I never considered that, because I never traveled that way."

"I'm glad na I resigned from show business and then I went back to school and then I started traveling. And that's when I discovered what I really want to do," she said.

Paula Peralejo's Relaxing Garden

She is now a  full time traveler, travel blogger, and a part time agency owner Paula Peralejo's sneak peek at her beautiful garden.

Right next to the 450sqm, two-story home she shares with husband Charlie (and recently, her cute son Pablo) is a simple but very relaxing garden filled with her signature quirky finds and vintage furniture pieces. Here’s what you could find in her haven—you might even pick up some gardening ideas for your own home!

A cozy patio.

The brick-lined house has an airy patio that faces the garden—definitely a cozy spot to lounge in. Here, we spot potted roses, cosmos flowers, crown of thorns plants, and various creeping vines.

White (but charmingly mismatched) garden sets.

Paula and Charlie’s home is filled with vintage furniture pieces and they have no qualms about mixing new pieces with old furniture and DIY creations. The patio is no exception, as it is decorated with a retro wrought iron gardening set, a rocking chair, and a folding lounger, all in white.
A vertical garden.
Travel souvenirs.

As avid travelers, Paula and Charlie collect travel souvenirs from all over the world. These colorful beach signs all hint at their favorite destinations.
Recycled bottles as pots.

On one wall, sprigs of rosemary grow in recycled plastic PET softdrink bottles. “Be creative in using something. Don’t limit yourself to using it solely for its original use,” advises Paula. “You can use old shoes or bags as planters, milk bottles as vases, vegetable oil containers as water sprinklers, bedsheets as table covers.”
Colorful beach loungers.
Professing a love for the beachside theme, Paula just couldn’t help creating this spot in the garden using brightly hued plastic beach loungers.
Plus a Duyan!
Paula’s favorite area in the house is the indoor dining room, but she also likes “…the patio, especially when I hang my hammock because I really feel relaxed.” 

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