Robin Padilla said that he saw a horrifying old woman at the GGV stage sitting beside Mariel!

The recent episode of the Gandang Gabi Vice featured the couple Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla along wiith his nephew Daniel Padilla

Everyone who have seen the episode gave their positive feedbacks since it was indeed a fun-filled episode. One of the topics that they talked about is the love story of Mariel and Robin where he said that it is something that he would love to make a book of. 

He even said that their story is a mixture of drama, comedy, romance and action. However it was missing one genre which is the horror. It was then when Mariel revealed to the public that Robin Padilla has an opened third eye and he could see things. 

He even said that there is an old lady who has been following and guiding him. The woman has big eye but it does not have a mouth.