A plan of assassinating Mayor Duterte on his grand rally at the Luneta Park was uncovered!

Recently, everyone was shocked when the allege assassination plot against Duterte spread like a wildfire online.

The camp of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte unveils that their political rivals are using huge funds not just to ruin Duterte's reputation but also to continue the plan to kill him.

But what's more interesting in this story is that, despite that Duterte's camp already knew about this plan, Duterte claim that it won't stop him from meeting his supporters in the upcoming grand rally on May 7, 2016.

Mayor Jun Evasco even stated that he pleaded Mayor Duterte to suspend his grand rally at the Luneta Park on May 7, to avoid anything that might happen there.

But then the Mayor just won't back out, there will be no backing out at this point, now that he already knows that his supporters are already waiting to see him.

Duterte even stated that he's not afraid to get killed.

"If it is my destiny to die, so be it." Mayor Duterte said.