Heartbreaking video of a little girl who repeatedly calls her father who's already in a coffin!

Just recently, the netizens are shedding tears after watching a viral video of a little girl who keeps on calling and calling her dad.

The said video was taken in the wake of the father of this kid.

The kid was carried by his uncle while she repeatedly calls her papa and even told him to come with her.

The most heartbreaking part in this video is when the little girl keeps on calling and calling and even stated that he has to get up because he still has to bring her to Jollibee.

It was also obvious in this video that she's starting to lose her patience since she's not getting any response from her father.

In the end she stated "Papa pagod na ako."

Everyone was in tears after watching this heartbreaking video. This will serve as a lesson to everyone to never waste a single moment you have with your father because some people weren't able to experience the same thing!