He was about to do IT with her, when his mom suddenly enters his room. The next thing that happened blew me away!

If there's one person in this world who will support us from the very start until the end, that would probably be our mom. Our moms are willing to do anything and everything just to make us happy. 

They are willing to sacrifice everything just to give what we need. But then, as a mother, up to what extent are you giving your support to your children?

Now, a video that shows a supportive mother is circulating online. But then, this isn't what you're expecting it to be. This isn't a video that shows how this mom supported her son's sports or educational achievements, but rather about a mom who supports her son in the most unusual way.

In this video, a this young man came home in the middle of the night, along with his girlfriend. He knew it then that he would be doing IT with her.

As they were trying to do what they have to do, his mom suddenly opens the door and signalling that they need to use some protection.

A lot of people were quite entertained by the support that this mom showed towards her son.

Source: Facebook