Daniel Padilla fires back at the people who bashed them for endorsing Mar Roxas!

We all know for a fact that ever since the campaign period has started, the aspiring presidents are gathering all their supporters and convincing them to campaign for them. 

Because of the campaign period, we were able to see whom the artists endorse. However, not everyone liked the decision of the celebrities. 

The people weren't convinced that Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are endorsing Mar Roxas for free. The KathNiel love team are now receiving countless bashes from the netizens who think that their decision isn't right.

In the interview, Daniel stated that a lot of people are acting as if they know something about the elections, but the truth is that they aren't voters. 

"Marami kasing nagmamagaling eh, di naman botante. So shut up nalang." Daniel said

The netizens then advised this young man to follow his uncle Robin Padilla's beliefs when it comes to voting for you presidential bet.