A Prophet has a chilling prediction for the Philippines after the elections!

We all know for a fact that in every election, people are thinking hard on which candidate will they give their vote to. The platforms and past experiences of the aspiring candidates are being used by the citizens as a basis.

But then, is there really a person who could predict the future? 

An international prophet who was identified as Dr. Cindy Jacobs has stated a little prophecy about the Philippines

It is believed that the Almighty God has sent her a deep message about what would really happen to the Philippines after the elections. She also stated in this video that the Philippines is now covered with the Principality of Corruption. 

This prophet then urges everyone to keep on praying to God to help them in choosing the next possible leader of this country.

On her predictions, she stated that years after the election, this country will experience greatness despite being troubled some times. 

She also revealed that the Lord God has  a great plan for this country!