VIRAL: Arnel Ignacio's powerful message for Antonio Trillanes!

Recently, Arnel Ignacio has become the talk of town after a video of him went viral online! In the said video, Arnel was actually giving thanks to Antonio Trillanes for revealing the issue about the millions and billions of money that's being hidden by Duterte.

Because of this issue, the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has revealed that his 2 bank accounts contain 17k and 26k. It turns out that it was the people's way to send out their cash to Duterte.

We can still recall that Duterte once revealed that he doesn't want any contributions at all and instead, he asked his supporters to print their own shirts and posters that will show their support for him.

Arnel expressed his dismay over all the accussations that they've been throwing to Duterte. He even made a point by saying that Duterte only uses 2 shirts on his campaign.