Unbelievable videos showing how angels fly in the sky! MUST WATCH!

The internet is indeed a world that's filled with a lot of unbelievably things! There are lots of videos and photos that were being uploaded on Facebook. Some of these videos contain something that's quite unrealistic.

Now, there are lots of videos showing unimaginable things like a flashing light, flying people and other things. It may be hard for you to believe but then some of these videos are quite convincing.

It may be hard to believe but then how are we going to explain the following events that were captured in this video? 

This video is a compilation of unrealistic videos of how they were able to capture these "angels" flying in the blue skies. There's even a video where in the "Angel" was spotted flying and hiding from one cloud to another.

It hasn't been proven yet if all of these videos were real or simply edited!