The truth behind Avril Lavigne's death and her doppelganger was finally REVEALED!

The whole internet world was left in total shock and frustration after the story about Avril Lavigne's doppelganger has gone viral online. 

In the said story, people are claiming that the real Avril Lavigne killed herself back in 2003 and that she was substituted by her doppelganger who was identified as Melissa Vandella.

People are claiming that the present Avril Lavigne has undergone major changes not just in her physical appearance but also in her voice.

A website known as  or "Avril is dead" in English, claims that the shape of Avril's nose changed and as well as her handwriting and the quality of her voice.

They claim that the evidences of Avril's suicide were tackled in her songs "My Happy Ending" and "Nobody's Home."

Despite that the statements sound real, the author quickly stated that this isn't real.