This woman moans as she's being tattooed. The next thing that happened shocked me!

We all know for a fact that getting your skin tattooed is one of the most painful thing that you could ever experience. People couldn't really help but to create a noise every time the needle touches their skin.

Now, a video of a girl getting her tattoo done, has caught the netizens' attention.

In the said video, the woman was seen getting her tattoo done on her upper thighs by the tattoo artist. 

At first, you might think that it's just an ordinary video, but then as the woman moans and screams, everything seems to get weird.

The gestures of the woman even shows that she's somehow having a good time. 

But in the near end of the  video, you'll be able to see who's actually creating the noise. You'll surely be surprise to find outwhere the noise comes from! 

This is insane!