This guy walked towards his GF, what he did with her shirt left her screaming!

It is for real that these days, more and more people are creating and pulling off random pranks to their friends. They claim that they always get the satisfaction after seeing the priceless reaction from the people who were pranked.

Now, there's this prank that's now circulating online because of the way this woman reacted to it.

The man who happens to be the boyfriend of the woman who's currently playing drums, wanted to pull off a little prank on his girlfriend

He's holding a tiny frog and slowly walked towards his girlfriend then put the frog inside her shirt! 

She was in total shock after she reaized what her boyfriend has done. She couldn't stop screaming because there's a frog that was placed inside her shirt! 

She quickly ran after her boyfriend trying to scream at him for doing such thing!