The doctors heard a woman screaming in pain. Watch closely in the legs of this woman!

If there's one place in this world that will forever be busy, that would probably be the emergency units in the every hospital. We are all aware that this is the place that's filled with patients that need attention. The doctors and the nurses are doing their best to attend to every patient's needs.

It is true that every patient's life in the emergency room is important, but then for some instances, doctors are getting confused as to which patient are they going to attend to first.

However, a doctor named Dr. Mauricion Heilbron Jr. has witnessed the most unbelievable incident in the emergency room.

He claims that they were all busy attending to different patients when they suddenly heard a pregnant woman, howling in pain. The next thing he knew is that he heard footsteps of another person running towards the woman. When he looked again, he saw the man jumped into the woman's bed to catch the baby.

Kudos to this man for saving the life of the baby! The baby was reportedly safe, as well as the mom.