Shocking meaning of the white spots and streaks on your fingernails!

Recently, there are rumors that the white spot that appears on our fingernails are actually the visible signs that one's suffering from a specific disease.

The white spots in our fingernails are actually called as Leukonychia. This can either appear as a line or spots on your fingernails.

Here are some of the reasons behind your fingernails' white spots:

1. Allergic reaction - People claim that the spots on the nails somehow indicates that the person is allergic to nail polish.

2. Nail Injuries - Once the nail was damaged, the nail bed or the base of the nail can also be damaged which might result to the presence of the white spots.

3. Lack of protein - Horizontal bands on your nails can sometimes mean that you lack in protein.

4. Lack of zinc - Lack of zinc in our body causes our nails to have white spots.

5. Fungal superficial Onychomycosis - These are caused by fungi on the toe nails and appears on the nail plate.

6. Serious diseases - Having white spots on the nails can simply mean that the person is suffering from such diseases: 
- Liver disease
- Anemia
- Kidney failure

But to get the right info, you have to consult a doctor immediately.