She was working out at the gym when this guy came and did this! Unbelievable!

We all know for a fact that these days, more and more people, especially women are going to the gym to get fit.

However, not everyone who goes to the gym is actually exercising or working out, some people are just there for them to have something to tell to their friends like 'hey, I was so tired yesterday after I worked out.'

Now, a video about what girls do in a gym was actually narrated! 

The said video that was uploaded in the YouTube Channel of CarlieStylez was entitled 'Don't Be That Girl At The Gym.'

She claims that this video does not intend to offend anyone or discourage anyone from going to the gym. She stated that she just did this to keep things light! 

This video contains all the things that a girl shouldn't be doing while she's at the gym! 

Source: YouTube