She was forced to do IT with him! What happens next was shocking!

A video of a couple that was beaten up to death is now circulating online and has been shocking the netizens! 

In this video, this man was biking with his girlfriend when these guys suddenly stopped them and started insulting him and his girlfriend. Both of the man and his girlfriend were beaten up to death. What's worse is that these guys forced the woman to do IT with him. 

After they realized that the couple was already lifeless, they decided to bury them.

It turns out that this is a Thai Horror/Thriller movie called Hidden Wrath. It was even selected into the International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema 2015 in Milan, Italy. 

This movie was also nominated for Best Director of a Foreign Feature Film, Best Original Screenplay of Foreign Film and Best Foreign Language Feature Film.

Source: ChosenTrends