She decided to meet her textmate. What happens next changed her life forever!

These days, communications got even easier because of the high technologies and because of the internet. However, these technologies don't always give us better outcomes, sometimes, these are the reason why our life's in danger. 

Now, a 14-year-old girl who lives in Pangasinan was allegedly taken advantage of, by a man who works as a construction site who happens to be her textmate.

According to the parents of this girl, the victim told them that she needed to got to her school to finish her clearance. But then it's getting late and Gwen hasn't come home yet.

The next day, Gwen, the victim, was spotted crying while walking in another barangay. 

She claims that she was abducted by the man named Roger Caranto and was forced to ride a motorcycle with him. She even stated that the man took advantage of her twice.

However, the man stated that he did not force her to do IT with him and that they've already known each other for quite some time, since they were text mates.