Science has finally explained why some people choose to cheat over their partner!

We can't deny the  fact that these days, more and more people are cheating over their partners because of some unknown reasons. Most people claim that some people choose to cheat over their partner because of the thought that they've found someone better. 

But then, why do you think some people cheat? Is there any explanation about why people cheat over their partner?

According to science, 3% of mammals are monogamous. Meaning, these mammals chose to stay with one partner for the rest of their lives, and people belong to this category.

However, it was then revealed that the gene coding for dopamine receptor plays a big role in the cheating of couples. 

Meanwhile, studies claim that 50% of people who posses long allele variant of this gene have already cheated on their partner.

For more information about this topic, watch the full video below!

Source: TrendingNewsPortalChosenTrends