Noli De Castro 'accidentally' endorsed Duterte on TV Patrol! MUST WATCH!

The ex-vice president Noli De Castro is now being accused by the netizens, of accidentally endorsing the Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte in TV Patrol.

The said 'accidental endorsement' happened when Noli was done delivering his final speech in the News show last April 20.

Everyone thought that they're done, when they realized that Noli once again spoke and said: "Hindi na ito biro. Sana tig-iisang magpahayang ang mga kandidatong sa pagkapangulo, sa pangunguna ni Duterte."

They were actually talking about the tragic experience of a senior citizen couple who were victimized by the tanim bala gang at the NAIA when they're bound to leave for US.

Meanwhile, people have noticed that it was not just Noli who showed his support for Duterte but also his daughter, Kat De Castro who is known as the "keyboard warrior" of Duterte.