Mystica uploads another video! Check out what she said!

Are you familiar with the name Mystica?

Well, she's the woman in the video that went viral in various social media sites. The said 4-minute video shows an angry Mystica who repeatedly cursed at the Davao City Mayor, Rodrigo Duterte.

In the said video, she also stated the main reasons as to why people should not waste their vote for Mayor Duterte. She kept on cursing and cursing in the video which implies that her anger  towards Duterte. This video has offended a lot of Duterte's fans.

And now, another video of Mystica is circulating online. In the said video, Mystica was seen appealing to the people who bashes her for all the things that she said towards Duterte.

What's surprising in this video is that Mystica even shed tears!