Mom was impregnated by her daughter's husband. The reason behind this will make you cry!

A mother is a person who's willing to give everything you need. They're the ones who'd rather sacrifice their 'wants' to give your 'needs'. They are probably the best people in this world, for they are the ones who gave us life and loved us the way we should be.

Now, here's a story of a 52-year-old mom who agreed to be the surrogate mother of her grandchild.

The 52-year-old mom named Crystal, knew it then that her daughter Kendra was having a hard time conceiving child with her husband. She then decided to be the surrogate mother. She knew it then that it would change their lives.

She was carrying her grandchildren who happened to be twins. They were very careful with her pregnancy because of the fear that she might suffer from miscarriage.

The day has come, she was able to give birth to the twins, a boy and a girl. They were all very happy, when she suddenly fainted. Everyone panicked after her blood pressure raised! 

The good thing is that the doctors were able to control her blood pressure immediately.