Man was caught in bed with her bestfriend.. What the girlfriend did afterwards was shocking! he deserves it!

Many cheating pranks have been created by couples who are trying to get a hang of their partners. They are planning of pulling up a prank to see how their other halves would react to if they are bound to discover it. 

This man planned to put up a prank on his girlfriend by calling one of their common friend and have her stay on their room. 

They acted as if they were trying to cheat on her. All of the things that they need is already set up. When the girlfriend opened up the door, she saw the unexpected event. 

The man tried to explain out everything to her. But the girlfriend said that she does not want to be with her anymore. She kissed his bestfriend and claims that she is the one that she wants to spend the rest of her life with. 

This is not the ending that he wanted to have.