Keana Reeves defends Mayor Duterte from everyone who judges him!

The 2016 presidential elections is coming nearer and nearer, because of this, issues and controversies are being thrown to every Presidential candidate. 

But if there's one person who has recently become the center of controversies, that would probably be the Presidential aspirant and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

He has become the center of all issues after he said something about what happened to the foreigner missionary. After what he said, a lot of people quickly judged him.

But then, his supporters quickly came to the rescue.

Keana Reeves, a celebrity, filmed herself while stating her thoughts about why Duterte is her presidential bet.

She stated on her video that we should at least be happy because there's a politician who's willing to sacrifice and die for his country and his countrymen.

Keana Reeves claims that voting and electing Duterte as the next president is a way to give the future generation of children a better life. 

A lot of people supported what Keana Reeves has stated. Some people even thanked her for showing her full support for Duterte.

Source: KeannaReeves