Karen Davila has a message to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte regarding the controversy! Must Read!

The Kapamilya Television host Karen Davila decided to take the social media to explain her side towards the controversies that are being thrown at her. 

During the last leg of the presidential debates, accusations were thrown at Karen Davila. Many netizens called her biased because of being tough towards the lead presidential candidate, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

Karen took a selfie with Duterte and on the caption of the photo, she wrote: 'Mayor Duterte is the leading presidential candidate. He can handle the toughest questions.' 

Karen Davila has a message to Mayor Rodrigo Duterte! Must Read!

Duterte supporters accused her of being biased against Mar Roxas. However, there are some who said that if it was not for Karen, the controversies about Duterte will not be cleared up. 
Source: KickerDaily