It looks like an ordinary performance. Everything changed when these 'CREW' members went up the stage! Unbelievable!

At first this everything seems to be an ordinary performance for the judges of the Britain's Got Talent, but then everything has literally changed when this man started performing in front of everyone.

This man who's wearing a formal attire was owning the stage after he started singing. Slowly, everyone was getting impressed by his voice.

But then, everyone was left in total shock after four crew members went up to the stage and talked to this man. The judges, the audience and even the hosts were clueless about what's really happening.

It turns out that these four "CREW" members were actually a part of this man's act. They decided to dress up as crew members to confuse and to leave everyone puzzled about what's bound to happen! 

It was a success! Their act was able to shock everyone!