Viral open letter from a netizen states that ABS-CBN is Bias! must Read!

After the presidential debate happened, people are still furious about the unfair and biased reporting of the ABS-CBN.

One of the people who was tough enough to make a statement about it was Uriel Emmanuel Soriano

His open letter to the Kapamilya network has been making the rounds on social media sites. He admitted that he has been a Kapamilya viewer ever since and that he often watches the shows faithfully but he noticed the the news that they had been delivering the news wrongly. 

He claims that the network is doing their best to bring out the negative things about Duterte from the cursing, jokes and even towards his negative traits. 

Uriel said that the network is protecting Roxas bringing them to the positive light while Duterte is being dragged down to the negative side.

Open letter of a Duterte Supporter allegedly saying that ABS-CBN is Bias!

Source: Facebook