He walks around the beach massaging random girls' backs! What happens next is unexpected!

A man who happens to be a guest in a beach in California has become the center of everyone's attention. Not because of the way he looks or the way he dresses, but because of what he's doing in the beach.

This man has brought his prank team in the beach and will try to see how girls will react if he'll be offering them a massage.

This guy roams around the beach and asking girls for free massage. A lot of them accepted his offer, but then everything gets awkward when this guy removed his shorts leaving him with boxer shorts.

What made the situation even more awkward is when this guy decided to sit on top of the woman. Yes, he performed the massage while sitting at the back of the girls.

In the said prank, he was able to get free kisses and even some of the girls' numbers! 

Source: ChosenTrendsYouTube