He tried to take advantage of her in an elevator. Watch the woman's next move! SHOCKING!

These days, we don't really know when will the bad guys attack. We have no idea about when and where they'd appear. In fact, we are all clueless about it, because some people does it anywhere they want.

The good thing is that with the help of a CCTV camera, the bad thing that might happen to you will be recorded and that the justice will quickly be served. But sometimes, CCTVs also captures how the victims give the suspects a taste of their own medicine.

In this video, a man and a woman were the only passengers of the elevator. Slowly, this man comes closer to the woman.

The woman was shocked when this man suddenly sniffed on her shoulders. She quickly moved, but then the man follows and placed his right hand on her shoulders.

She was able to move quickly towards the perverted guy. She shrugged his hands and slapped him. In fact, this woman was brave enough to beat this man up.

After a few moments, she opened the doors of the elevator and left as if nothing happened.