Controversial: The truth behind the exit of Bela Padilla's character from Ang Probinsyano was REVEALED!

The character of Bela Padilla, Carmen, from the hit television series "Ang Probinsyano," last April 6, 2016.

After Bela's character was killed in the series, speculations and rumors about her spread online! Some people claim that there may be a deeper reason as to why her character was killed.

Even Bela Padilla couldn't contain her tears as she watches her character get killed in the series.

However, Bela has clarified that there were no reason why her character was killed. She also stated that right from the start, she knew that her character will be killed.

"I knew from the start na my character was gonna die." She stated.

She also stated that her health condition isn't the main reason for her exit from the show and that it was just a big coincidence.

Meanwhile, the netizens are somehow guessing that Bela was killed from the show because she has overshadowed Maja Salvador. The netizens claim that there is a "sapawan" issue between Maja and Bela.

However, these speculations aren't proven to be true and that there are no confirmations yet if these rumors about Carmen's exit from the show were true.

Source: ABS-CBN