Bella Padilla was captured doing THIS behind the camera! Unbelievable!

Have you witnessed how Bella Padilla's career grew bigger and bigger? Bella's fans started growing out when she starred in the hit Kapamilya television series called "Ang Probinsyano" along with a lot of veteran actresses.

A lot of people claim that actress act very different during on and off cam. But then it seems that everything's different for Bella Padilla! 

A video of Bella Padilla that was taken off cam is now circulating online! 

People have expected that she's quite grumpy, but then they're all wrong. 

In the viral video, Bella's goofy side was seen by her fans! You can clearly see in the video that she's not what people have expected.

She's not really the celebrity who acts too "sossy" during off cam. Actually, Bella PAdilla belongs to the group of artists who acts the same way they do during on cam!