This animated video of private parts will help you realize what is a s*xual consent.

The Project Consent has caught the netizens attention after they uploaded an animated video that features the private parts of both man and a woman. This animated video helps people understand what s*xual consent is and what it isn't.

This animated video aims to show the netizens the difference between the act of making love and the act of forcing a man's self to women.

"We wanted to talk about consent frankly, and we felt like it was unnecessarily to use symbolic replacements in these discussions."

Sara Li from the Project Consent claims that it will surely be useless to use symbolic replacements in this discussion. 

"Consent shouldn’t be difficult or hard to talk about; we shouldn’t need to use tea or anything else to explain what is or isn’t inappropriate. Talking about consent, or s*x or anything under that umbrella, shouldn’t be a taboo."

Source: ChosenTrends