2 MAIN reasons why men love large chests! MUST READ!

It is undeniable that almost every man in this world would rather pick a woman with bigger chest size than those who have smaller sizes. A lot of people are wondering as to why men love huge chests, meanwhile, some people find it offensive when guys say that they'd rather choose a bigger size than a small one.

Now, a survey that was conducted by a couple of psychologists has revealed the main reason as to why men really prefers women who have bigger chest size It turns out that men love it because of the thought that the bigger the size, the more benefit they could get.

On the other hand, another survey in the US claims that men think that women's breasts indicates the rate of a person's fertility. They claim that men think that women who have larger breasts sizes are more fertile and that they chose them over the smaller ones because of the fear that they might not be able to build their own family if they'd pick the less fertile.