16-year-old boy was chopped and eaten by the father of his enemy! Shocking!

A shocking incident in Misamis Oriental involving a 16-year-old guy was recently reported! 

The 16-year-old boy who was identified as Rey Dadole was brutally stabbed 32 times which quickly took his life.

The mom of the  victim claims that her son told her that he'd just go to the church, but then he hasn't come back yet. 

It turns out that the young boy was stabbed by the father of the guy whom he punched. What made this even worse is that the suspects admitted that they even added some parts of the boy's body to their "kilawin."

The suspect who was identified as Jovencio Tuyo claims that eating and taking this boy's life is his way of taking revenge for what the kid has done to his son.

The mother of the young boy is now seeking justice and hoping that the justice will soon be served for the gruesome death of her son.