Boy Abunda reacts to the "How To Be Nadine Lustre" article! MUST WATCH!

Recently, an article that was written about Nadine Lustre became a trending topic online.

The said article was entitled "How To Be Nadine Lustre." In the said article, the writer talked about how Nadine Lustre managed to be part of the showbiz industry, she also stated in the article how Nadine made James fall for her. This article was written negatively, which made the netizens, especially the JaDine fans and James Reid react to it.

Now, it seems that everyone was really disappointed with what's written in the article to the point that even Boy Abunda reacted to it.

In his show called Tonight With Boy Abunda, he defended Nadine Lustre by saying that she finds Nadine very pretty. She even advised everyone to never allow anyone to define your own beauty. No one has the right to define your beauty.