A selfie that shows a creepy reflection of a woman! Terrifying!

We are all aware that our lives are filled with a great mystery! A lot of things are happening around us that are indeed shocking and at the same time unbelievable.

Now, a photo of a man and a woman who tried to take a selfie is now making its rounds online! 

The photo shows that this guy and girl was standing in front of a window, and is trying to take a selfie. The window behind them should show their backs in the reflection.

But then, they were shocked to find out that the woman in the reflection was actually looking directly in the camera, instead of showing her back. 

A lot of people were left terrified after seeing what's really wrong in this photo.

However, some people didn't believe in the photo and simply stated that this is purely edited.

May this be an edited photo or not, this still gives me chills!